DownTown Formerly: Downtown Vale Todo

93% love it
The best club in Peru

This gargantuan club, featuring two floors of fun, has everything you need for a great night out in Lima. Drag shows, strippers, hot young Peruvians from all over ... and all on a great street in Miraflores.


    • The Bomb! Es Maravilloso!
      I went on my first night in Lima. I didn't know shit about the gay scene. There were a billion gorgeous bois there. I found someone right away and it was superfantastic! They have great shows. Music is dyamite. Lots of super hot guys. El club es maravilloso! Hay muchos chulos!

    • TOMiscaliboy
      TOMiscaliboy Over a year ago

      Friday night
      I was surprised on how big the place was, But also on a Friday night getting there at like 10:30pm and left at like 1:00am to go to another bar. At there was really not that many people at this bar, maybe they really start the party super late cause i was told the bar closes at like 6am. Its cool that they have a coat/backpack check. Drinks are interesting you have to go to one spot to buy a drink get a receipt and go to another to get the drink so you kinda have to order twice. I think I would go back again.

    • omargosh
      omargosh Over a year ago
      Loves it

      can't go wrong
      Reliable choice. Open every night of the week. I believe the nights I went were a Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. On Friday and Saturday (at least) they open the whole huge place up and it gets packed, but on the "slower" nights it's just two of the dance/bar spaces, but it still was busy and fun each time I went. Scene skewed young. Mixed gay/lesbian crowd. Go to dance and hang out; there's not much to see in the way of shows or dancers, that I recall. Cover (when charged on weekends) included a basic drink. Occasionally I would drink more than expected because of either temporary drink specials or, on two nights I was there, there were drag queens getting pushed around on a float, pouring vodka into the mouths of whoever opened their mouth as they passed by, like baby birds getting fed (terrible cheap vodka, though). The web site is great ( since it has hour/price/program info for all upcoming days. I ?think? smokers can go out front, at least before a certain hour past which there's no re-entry. Felt safe walking back to my lodging on the other side of Parque Kennedy. Lots of security employees at the club itself. On the way out the door, they tell you not to take the taxis waiting right out front. Good experiences every time I went. Would definitely recommend.

    • Antoniochado
      Antoniochado Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Llego el próximo fin de semana!!! A divertirme

    • tapikka
      tapikka Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Can be dangerous
      Visited the place on friday. place is full and bussy. The place has a weird policy with the tickets. Basic tickets don't get you to every toilet or balcony. The worrying part was that there were some bussy hands in there: i lost my iPhone and there was a lot of trafic on the zipper of my friends bag.

    • Shanewl
      Shanewl Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Expected a bit more for a city of 9million
      The club was gay, gay, gay which was great and the suburb is full of young dressed up gay guys in the (Friday) evening. We may not have enjoyed ourselves for the fact that the music seemed dated and the drag shows weren't as flamboyant as those in Australia. Payed 10soles for a vodka orange. A tip: you can pick up a one time entry ticket in the street for 1sole on a Friday night or pay 15soles for unlimited entry and 1basic drink at the door.

    • leerick
      leerick Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I found it!
      Wanted to go to this club but couldn't find it on the map. Its one block south-west of the southern most part of Parque Kennedy. Its a black building and has "Downtown" on the front. Next time I'm in Lima I'm going.

    • marksranson
      marksranson Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Downtown is so very much uptown!
      This club is amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring you use only authorised taxis after parting. They let you know discreetly who to steer clear of and and the drinks are cheap. The crowd are young and energetic, a real mix. Been back a few times with friends, so good.

    • Latinsouldc
      Latinsouldc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      LOVE IT