Lola Bar

100% love it
Mixed Trendy Bar
Very nice bar and atmosphere. Mostly people from Miraflores and San Isidro come here to see and be seen. Dance floor on the second level. Mixed crowd during the week.


    • omargosh
      omargosh Over a year ago

      The Facebook page shows only pictures of lesbians, though gay Limeños assured me that gay men went too. I went early on a Friday to check it out since it was free before a certain hour. Classy-looking place, but on the small side, so it got packed pretty fast (there seemed to be an upstairs? but it was roped off). I was definitely one of very few men there though (was later told that Friday is pretty much exclusively lesbian, and that other nights are more mixed). The scene seemed very lipstick to me; I felt like I had entered into a scene from the Peruvian version of The L Word.

    • CapitalG.Priv
      CapitalG.Priv Over a year ago
      Loves it

      a1 los viernes
      A1 los viernes

    • stevemiralles
      stevemiralles Over a year ago
      Loves it