Minotauro (Closed Permanently) Formerly: Laberynto

95% love it
GayCities Members report that Minotauro has closed
Popular Lima disco-club in dangerous distrito
This quite literally scorching dance club serves popular branded mixed drinks such as Pisco sour, the national Peruvian rum-like drink. It features two levels and live strip shows under huge video screen and intense club lighting.


    • omargosh
      omargosh Over a year ago

      more like sex club (that happens to have a bar)
      The gaycities description for this place ("Popular Lima disco-club in dangerous distrito") didn't fit at all with what I found. I think they might have mixed it up with the description for 80 Divas. The area didn't seem so much dangerous as just dead at night (I walked there from Parque Kennedy area). When I first approached the block, there was no sign of life. Nor even a literal sign for the business. When I crossed the street I could finally hear some club music behind a door, so I rang the buzzer. Somebody walked downstairs to let me in. Up the first flight was indeed a bar and loungey area. There was also a booth/room to check one's coats and/or valuables. Huh? Turns out this was something akin to those video/"book" stores in the U.S. with the areas in the back for other activities. Since I was already there, and the cover was only 10 soles and included a drink (I think it was a Wednesday), I figured I would stay anyway, even though I wasn't looking to hook up. Once I went up another flight, it was pretty damn dark. There were two spaces for watching videos, an area with private cabins, and an even darker labyrinth style area that I didn't have the guts to venture into. The guys there that night seemed to range from 20 to 45. They employees were very nice, and IIRC told me that the place is open 7 days a week from 4pm-12am. So, not what I was expecting, but I guess would definitely be a viable option if I were in the mood for a quickie.

    • aaromben2003
      aaromben2003 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A good place to meet people, hear good music, exellent bar. Just only have to be care if you go to the dark room .... you can get a very bad experience if go there alone

    • soldier
      soldier Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New Address, now in near Miraflores!
      Ive heard several times about this place, but only have been there once at the other location and had fun, but the neighborhood wasnt the best in the city. Now you can get the same fun in a very safe neighborhood, very close to Via Expresa, a few blocks from Ricardo Palma Station. The new address is Calle Gonzales Prada 419.