Legendaris (Closed Permanently)

97% love it
GayCities Members report that Legendaris has closed
Another huge disco
This dance club is similar in layout and located near Downtown Vale Todo, two blocks away. Two cruise balconies overflow with stylish Peruvians overlooking crowded dance floor overflowing with shirtless men. Bars on both floors, and more women are present in the mixed crowd. Get there early to avoid the lines that snake around the block to get in.


    • awesome!
      Yeah. All the hot bois go here. Easy to find hot young guys. For you Americans: lol. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Duh. Go and dance your ass off then get a room. You can have a friend for life if you want to.

    • TOMiscaliboy
      TOMiscaliboy Over a year ago

      Friday night
      After going to start the night off at another location I went here with someone i met at the other bar/club. It was interesting at like 1:00am paying to get in and you cant see inside so you cant tell if anyone else is inside... We were the second and third people in the club. So basically had it all to ourselves... Kinda weird but then at like 2:00am there was about 20 or so people but they all seemed afraid to dance, on the huge dance floor. I definitely got multiple people to come and dance, and the staff seemed like prudes and not wanting to have fun. Thats my opinion we got VIP wrist bands and that got a free drink or a drink included. I could see this place being cool if it had a lot of more people. but the people i did meet where cool except they just wanted to stand around and drink instead of dance.

    • omargosh
      omargosh Over a year ago

      Felt underwhelmed by this place, since it was hyped up like the next best thing after Downtown Vale Todo. Went at 11ish on a Friday or Saturday (apparently early for Lima). From the outside it was impossible to tell if there was even anybody inside. (Though the street itself had lots of activity at that hour.) But I certainly wasn't the first to arrive, and eventually it filled up entirely. The cover included a drink. Wide variety of cocktails on the menu. There's basically one large dance floor in the middle with few places around the edges to chill, plus an upstairs area, but I didn't pay for the VIP cover that would have allowed me to go up there. Not quite sure why, but I got a '90s vibe from this place. Maybe it was just my bad luck that night, but I had distinctly odd experiences with the few people that I had contact with there, including the bartenders, and got weird vibes from the place. Ended up leaving for elsewhere just when the place was finally filling up.

    • Pilco
      Pilco Over a year ago

      Very fun
      If you want to.have a nice and funny party, you have to come here, really close to parc kennedy, i appreciatted the charmed guys so cool!

    • leerick
      leerick Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good times!
      Went to this bar last night and had a great time. It wasn't too busy but there were plenty of cute guys. Music was decent. The bouncers at the front explained the cover (s/10) and that a drink was included. Close to the main square and great place for travellers like me.

    • maquiavelo_pty
      maquiavelo_pty Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Well located but not such as cool!
      This disco has its very local flavor. Crowd are from all ranges of ages. Its better to get with your friends to have fun, altought it´s possible -if you are lucky, to find someone interesting for dancing and having fun. The beautiest and hipster men from Lima are not exactly here but if you dont have so many options to go its a very reasonable place to have fun.