240 Club Formerly: Baños Turcos 240

94% love it
A sauna in Centro

This exclusively gay sauna has a Finnish room, two Turkish rooms, a bar, and TV room. You can expect everyman types and a clean locale.


    • cn106969
      cn106969 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      2018年6月22日晚上19:00坐出租来到了这里,还好服务生有一个中国人,沟通起来很方便,桑拿很干净,周五人很多,各色类型的都有,年轻的、胖的、壮的……度过了一个很愉快的一个晚上,临走时中国的服务生帮我要了出租车,感觉很安全。 La noche del 22 de junio 2018 19: 00 un taxi aquí, bien al servicio de alguien de una China, la comunicación es muy conveniente, sauna es limpio, el viernes muchas personas de todos los colores, de todos los tipos, joven, gorda, fuerte...Tuvimos una muy agradable una noche, a la salida de servicio me ayudó a China a un taxi, sensación de Seguridad.

    • arribaalianza
      arribaalianza Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best sauna gay in Lima
      I recommend this place to anyone visiting Lima. It is now remodeled, 4 stories of lots of fun, with many private cabins, a big dark room, dry and steam rooms, etc etc, but the best of it, is the large number of young masculine boys looking to hook up, i am 43 and that's an advantage, because many of the young men like mature gay but in good shape, and also, if you have a big dick, easy you will be atractted to those young masculine boys.

    • maayan_ft
      maayan_ft Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Previous commenter made me laugh!
      Everything he wrote is correct, just that to me it's all positive whereas for him it was upsetting. Gotta love a bathhouse that's full with young and attractive guys even on Mondays and Tuesdays. This place is full of action and it's just fun fun fun. Yes it's small, there aren't many cabins, and the steam rooms smell a bit. So what? We loved it and came here 3 nights out of our 4 nights in Lima. It was so great we didn't bother to check out the other bathhouses in Lima (been to Oupen 4 years ago and this one had far higher sexual temperature). Go 240!

    • SteveNaive
      SteveNaive Over a year ago
      Hates it

      NOT Impressed
      Yes, it is probably the largest and most popular of the saunas around Lima. It is hard to understand why. I arrived around 18.00 on a Sunday. The steam room was too full to get in. Same with the sauna, which was not hot enough. I went upstairs. The dark room was too full. Found a guy, but we had to wait 20 minutes to get a cabin. While you're in the cabin, other guys are so impatient that they are knocking on the door; no way to relax and have fun. I had to wait 10 minutes to get a shower, then again to use the toilet, which had no seat. I leaned against the locker to get my pants on, and it almost fell over - it is on wheels. Friendly? Nobody seemed to be happy with how crowded it was, but nobody complained much when a toe got stepped on or a body got bumped into. Clean? Probably it had been cleaned recently, but it is hard to keep a place clean that is over capacity. I'd hate to be there in a fire. Opening the door to leave, I was shocked to see a jail with 10 guys in it. Oh wait, that's the bars in the front entrance. Those guys aren't in jail, they are just waiting to get in. Outside, 20 more in line. Just NINE cabins for a LOT of horny guys. Only a few showers. I have been to Oupen, which had decidedly fewer men when I went. I don't think 240 is better in any way, and is worse in some ways. The only reason I would return is if it was the only place in town. As for the neighborhood, after hearing all the reports, I imagined a poor neighborhood with dangerous looking people hanging around. Instead, it was kind of industrial with NOBODY hanging around when I arrived. Since we are always safer with people on the street, it's kind of dangerous by being empty. Taking a taxi to get there is a good idea, but you will have to walk a block or two to a major street to get one out of there.

    • Adaan
      Adaan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A lot of fun
      I would recommend this place by the variety of good looking guys you can find at this place, and there are a lot of free rooms to play around, I will be back while staying in Lima

    • JJFab
      JJFab Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Large, open, inexpensive, clean and friendly
      Review from a US gringoI have been to both Oupen and now Banos Turcos 240. I enjoyed the fact that Oupen is in Miraflores, which is convenient since most tourists and a good number of gay Limenos live in or near this area. However....240 is by far better in all ways. It is larger, cleaner and has far more clients. It has two steam rooms (one with a TON of steam - almost over bearing) and another with multiple rooms, a few very dark. There is an open video/tv (non-porn) area, a sitting area and a caf on the first floor. Multiple shower areas, multiple toilets, ample lockers. Upstairs is a weight room (people were actually using it), private massage rooms, private rooms, porn area and a large dark room. The dark room is fun and was full (on a Sunday). As a gringo (white guy) it was VERY easy to find attractive younger (26 - 34 year olds) who were willing to do anything and everything. All encounters were safe and it is easy to say, no gracias if you dont like someone, or something they are doing. Prices for entry on Sunday were totally reasonable S/.20 and drinks are not over priced, water S/.1.50. I highly recommend this sauna. If you take a taxi, they can drop you off in front or in the area. If you drive you can park next door, secured lot. Or even the Metropolitana will take you there. I agree, it is not the BEST part of town, but downtown Lima is getting better, quickly. Definitely a must visit for any guy in need of some adventure!

    • joven
      joven Over a year ago
      Loves it

      the best sauna in lima
      its big , clean and friedly people. saturdays there open 24 hours so you get alot of boys to relax before the night out and then some that come to relax after the bars close. alot of guys offer massage for 20 soles.

    • soldier
      soldier Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Highly Recommended
      Open daily. Exclusively gay. There is a Finnish room, two Turkish rooms, bar, TV room, and upstairs there is a porno video room, dark room, 9 private cabins and male masseurs. Clean and well-maintained, and has been completely refurbished over the last year. This sauna is the most active in the city and the all-nighters on Saturday night are very active so I am told. Most popular times are from late afternoon onwards, particularly Thu., Fri. and Sat. This is not a very safe area to walk in at night so take a taxi when arriving or leaving. Highly recommended if you are seeking action.